Sometimes things get confusing and I do not really know what to do… 

That is when I have to have a hard sit down talk with myself and wonder what it is that I am doing. I feel that my romance at times kills me. I expect so many romantic things in life. Like long moonlight walks in the wee hours of the night. I reminisce in the thought of receiving flowers. I constantly think about what it would be like to just pack up my bags and go far far away. To just fly to another country and find some whole in the wall restaurant and eat some shitty food and then possibly take a much needed nap in a public park. At times I wonder if the adventuress part of my life is dwindling or fading away. I constantly want to be set apart but yet wanna remain within. Never knowing where I truly belong in the whole plot of romance baffles my restless mind. I want to experience romance but I also want to become romance.  I enjoy romance so incredibly so that I wish I could stash it in my purse or whip it out in the most unpleasant of moments. Romance me, come away with me… I want to become romance, don’t you see.


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