Sorry that it has been so long since you have heard from me. I have sat here contemplating why I haven’t written in such a long time and I realized its nothing but your typical busy excuses. Since I last wrote I was looking for a job and moved back in with my parents for a short period of time. Well now I am a waitress at a local restaurant/bar and now live in my apartment with my bestfriend/roommate. I am excited for this new journey here in Tempe. It seems like things are changing so rapidly I can barely get a grasp of comfort. Learning to move on with new journeys is so important. You do not want to be that person trying to run into a new adventure while dragging all of your old belongings that were meant to stay in the previous chapter.Holding onto the past adventure can weigh you down.

I’m learning to love change and all the mystery that comes with it. I no longer get angry when something changes but instead admire it and un-solve it like one of those old mystery books you leave in your garage for years on end. 

This new chapter is truly testing my character and who I am as a person. Its reminding me what I stand for and why its so important. Learning to love people even when you yourself are not feeling loved. I have had so many family mishaps in the past few months its quite bothersome at times. Learning to overcome the adversity of family trials is speaking directly to the faith stored up in me. I love hope, love, and courage. You need all of those things to push through what seems like quicksand. 

Other than the family drama everything else is enthusing. I have been wanting to go on more adventures then I ever have before. I want to climb the highest mountains and I want to meet many people. I want to pack up my things and backpack great unknowns. I want to travel to slums and kiss on children. Ohhhhh the bliss, as I grow older I feel like all I want to do is just experience beauty, in all the forms it may appear. Whether it looks like hugging an infant, holding a woman who is heartbroken, sitting by a river reading my favorite book, or simply just living. I long to experience and feel everything. To say I am a “feeling” or “emotional” junkie is to say the least. I enjoy feeling everything physical or emotional. The feeling of fresh rain on the tree’s or hugging a friend you have not seen in a century. I just adore it all and I could ramble for hours on end about it.

Hmmm but for now I must head off to work my lovely’s. Have a good day, til next time.



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